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I will start on page number three where we have the agenda for today. We will be starting with the revision of the guidance that was published yesterday and the material information together with our financial statements, then our inventories and forecast of sales, then the financial highlights, indebtedness, COGS both for sugar and ethanol for the quarter and for the half year, and ending with our sugar exposure for this fiscal period and also for the next one and how we see the price dynamics. On page number four, we talk about the revised guidance that we published yesterday as a material fact. During July, we were hit by three frost in [Ribeirao Preto; equably] about 25% of all my own sugarcane plantation was hit, about 40,000 hectares. And because of the frost, we had to totally change the management of our harvest as when you have frost on sugarcane, immediately you have to harvest in order to lose as little as possible on this raw material and because of that, there was an impact on our cycle and we had to reduce our production guidance for both sugar and ethanol and crushing is low. Just to give an idea, we have a capacity in 2016/2017 of 20.7 million tons and we gave a guidance to the market of 20.5 million tons, equivalent to 99% crushing of this capacity and the revised guidance was 93% of capacity or [19.6 million tons]. This frost hit us in areas where we had not harvested the sugarcane yet. So it was an area still to be harvested and even worse than that, it was an area where the sugarcane was going to be harvested at the end of the crop year between October and November and because of that, the sugarcane was still growing and this further aggravated our yield when you look at the crop year overall in Sao Martinho and in Santa Cruz. Read More The crop accounts for [about 15 million tons] of sugarcane have already ended last week. So the guidance that we’re putting to you does not have a risk of being lower than that because 80% of the crushing has already been carried out and this is the production that we will be effectively delivering.

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It put me in contact with 52 different orders and societies, educating me on the tons of possibilities, and all these vocation directors and articles helped me to discern what God might be calling me to do. ” The best decision-making tools we can offer young adults who are worried about their future are not career inventories, but the classic tools of Christian discernment: prayer, Scripture, obedience, reflection and the counsel of fellow believers. When we encourage young people to think about their future, we too often limit their vision to a specific career. interview skills and techniques pptWe choose again and enter yet another room with another set of doors. Alphonsus : that God determines for every man his state of life On the choice of a state of life. Caspian explains very clearly the different kinds of vocation to the monastic life, in his “collation, III: De tribes abrenuntiationibus”, iii, iv, v P.L., XLIX, 560-64. to this simple exposition, it seems clear that each good action of ours pleases God, that moreover He specially desires to see us perform certain actions, but that negligences and omissions in either sphere do not generally cause a permanent divergence from our right path. However, we usually use “Vocation” to mean a call to the consecrated, religious or priestly life.